Tablet 838

Part of a list or account, written across the grain. The tablet below line 5 is so stained and pitted that it is impossible to say whether it was blank or not. There are also two scraps with ink traces.


]. [ n
]ịqụ . e n
] .c̣a. a n
]. ṛạ. aẹ
5 ]ạṣṣeụm . n


1. It is not clear whether the mark is ink or not.

2. qụạe (e.g. rel]iquae) is not easy.

3. ṣc̣aḷa is possible.

5. Possibly a reference to cheese, reading c]ạṣṣeum (for caseum; the gemination of s poses no problem, cf. Adams (1995a), 89).

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