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This is a list of all the Vindolanda tablets on VTO2. You can filter the list by clicking on one of the coloured values and sort the list with the help of the blue headers.  To return to a full list click on ‘View all’. The tablet ID links to the tablet and (ref) links to a bibliographic entry.

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Tablet IDInventoryCategoryReferenceDimensionsPlatesArch. LocationArch.Period
67185.036bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)83mm x 45mmI3
64591.1022LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)200mm x 84mm16N3
69091.1061Minor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)122mm x 53mmN3
69392.1197bMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)69mm x 48mmN3
63693.1279aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)77mm x 32mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
66693.1281LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)88mm x 20mm22SG/NE (intervallum road)3
69593.1288Minor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)50mm x 22mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
69693.1294Minor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)98mm x 35mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
65593.1297LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)99mm x 45mm19SG/NE (intervallum road)3
58293.1299a-b + 93.1298aAccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)190mm x 30mm4SG/NE (intervallum road)3
69793.1302Minor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)65mm x 39mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
62693.1304LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)46mm x 18mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
66793.1308LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)88mm x 18mm22SG/NE (intervallum road)3
66193.1309LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)92mm x 37mm21SG/NE (intervallum road)3
66293.1310LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)87mm x 32mm21SG/NE (intervallum road)3
60193.1316AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)49mm x 90mm7SG/NE (intervallum road)3
61093.1319AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)98mm x 17mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
60293.1320aAccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)20mm x 32mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
60693.1322aAccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)18mm x 52mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
62793.1322bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)34mm x 15mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
59193.1350AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)45mm x 80mm5SG/N3
64193.1351aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)184mm x 47mmSG/N3
70093.1353Minor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)91mm x 24mmSG/N3
57493.1418Military TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)83mm x 82mm1SG (bonfire site)3
63793.1422LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)49mm x 34mmSG (bonfire site)3
63093.1425a + 93.1426bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)63mm x 22mmSG (bonfire site)3
70693.1441Minor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)58mm x 21mmSG (bonfire site)3
63193.1443LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)86mm x 20mmSG (bonfire site)3
67593.1451aMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)88mm x 32mmSG (bonfire site)3
67693.1451bMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)45mm x 6mmSG (bonfire site)3
61593.1453LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)95mm x 40mm10SG (bonfire site)3
61993.1454aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)52mm x 22mmSG (bonfire site)3
66993.1460a-bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)164mm x 26mmSG (bonfire site)3
59393.1462AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)184mm x 30mm6SG (bonfire site)3
70893.1463Minor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)60mm x 41mmSG (bonfire site)3
65393.1466aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)82mm x 28mm19SG (bonfire site)3
67793.1467Minor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)40mm x 76mm23SG (bonfire site)3
65893.1471a-bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)34mm x 41mmSG (bonfire site)3
67893.1472aMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)70mm x 34mmSG (bonfire site)3
58193.1474I-VAccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)40mm x 93mm2-3SG (bonfire site)3
58393.1474aAccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)37mm x 86mm4SG (bonfire site)3
59493.1475AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)28mm x 91mmSG (bonfire site)3
63393.1475aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)33mm x 28mmSG (bonfire site)3
71193.1476aMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)87mm x 19mmSG (bonfire site)3
71093.1476bMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)65mm x 31mmSG (bonfire site)3
67993.1476cMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)62mm x 23mmSG (bonfire site)3
59893.1477aAccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)30mm x 93mmSG (bonfire site)3
71293.1477aMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)52mm x 28mmSG (bonfire site)3
58593.1478AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)17mm x 87mmSG (bonfire site)3
59793.1478B + 1478c (i)AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)78mm x 26mm6SG (bonfire site)3
68593.1478IMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)65mm x 43mmSG (bonfire site)3
59993.1478bAccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)81mm x 30mmSG (bonfire site)3
58493.1480AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)36mm x 88mmSG (bonfire site)3
63893.1481LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)32mm x 31mmSG (bonfire site)3
57593.1482aMilitary TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)43mm x 31mmSG (bonfire site)3
68793.1484aMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)45mm x 24mm23SG (bonfire site)3
71393.1488cMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)55mm x 28mmSG (bonfire site)3
71493.1488d-eMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)35mm x 22mmSG (bonfire site)3
71593.1489Minor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)36mm x 24mmSG (bonfire site)3
68093.1490aMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)46mm x 32mm23SG (bonfire site)3
66393.1491LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)180mm x 50mm21SG (bonfire site)3
58793.1493AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)102mm x 82mmSG (bonfire site)3
58693.1495AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)88mm x 63mm5SG (bonfire site)3
65193.1496cLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)67mm x 21mmSG (bonfire site)3
68193.1497aMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)65mm x 13mmSG (bonfire site)3
62993.1498 + 93.1500LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)204mm x 50mm13SG (bonfire site)3
68293.1499aMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)12mm x 52mmSG (bonfire site)3
62293.1503aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)180mm x 44mm11SG (bonfire site)3
58893.1503bAccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)184mm x 20mmSG (bonfire site)3
60393.1507AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)50mm x 24mmSG (bonfire site)3
61893.1518LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)86mm x 26mmSG (bonfire site)3
71693.1520aMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)86mm x 16mmSG (bonfire site)3
57893.1522aMilitary TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)54mm x 18mmSG (bonfire site)3
65693.1528aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)184mm x 33mm19SG (bonfire site)3
65793.1528bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)93mm x 26mm20SG (bonfire site)3
60793.1528cAccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)87mm x 30mm8SG (bonfire site)3
60493.1528c + 93.1528dAccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)171mm x 27mm7SG (bonfire site)3
60593.1528eAccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)172mm x 23mmSG (bonfire site)3
59293.1529AccountsTab.Vindol.III (ref)21mm x 92mmSG3
62193.1537LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)98mm x 41mmSG (bonfire site)3
68493.1543aMinor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)93mm x 13mmSG (bonfire site)3
61693.1543bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)93mm x 35mm10SG (bonfire site)3
62893.1544LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)175mm x 78mm12SG (bonfire site)3
62093.1545aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)91mm x 20mmSG (bonfire site)3
72093.1547Minor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)92mm x 15mmSG (bonfire site)3
61793.1548LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)82mm x 35mm11SG (bonfire site)3
57993.1552Military TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)59mm x 25mmSG (bonfire site)3
63493.1556LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)93mm x 36mmSG (bonfire site)3
70999.1466b(ii)Minor TextsTab.Vindol.III (ref)44mm x 33mmSG (bonfire site)3
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