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This is a list of all the Vindolanda tablets on VTO2. You can filter the list by clicking on one of the coloured values and sort the list with the help of the blue headers.  To return to a full list click on ‘View all’. The tablet ID links to the tablet and (ref) links to a bibliographic entry.

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Tablet IDInventoryCategoryReferenceDimensionsPlatesArch. LocationArch.Period
67185.036bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)83mm x 45mmI3
64591.1022LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)200mm x 84mm16N3
64992.1108LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)204mm x 62mm17N2
64692.1110LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)175mm x 68mmN2
64792.1131LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)97mm x 51mmN4
65092.1187LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)106mm x 67mmXXVN2
67093.1215LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)133mm x 81mm22LXXX6A laminate or top of Period 6 ditch
63293.1246LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)94mm x 36mmSG5/6
64093.1254LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)129mm x 42mmSG/NE3/4
66593.1265LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)106mm x 22mmSG/NE4?
63593.1269LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)100mm x 36mm14SG/NE4?
63693.1279aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)77mm x 32mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
66693.1281LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)88mm x 20mm22SG/NE (intervallum road)3
65593.1297LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)99mm x 45mm19SG/NE (intervallum road)3
62693.1304LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)46mm x 18mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
66793.1308LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)88mm x 18mm22SG/NE (intervallum road)3
66193.1309LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)92mm x 37mm21SG/NE (intervallum road)3
66293.1310LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)87mm x 32mm21SG/NE (intervallum road)3
62793.1322bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)34mm x 15mmSG/NE (intervallum road)3
62393.1329LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)61mm x 48mm12SG (rapart edge)?
63993.1331LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)104mm x 50mm14SG (rampart edge)?
61293.1337LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)80mm x 36mmSG (rampart edge)?
65993.1340LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)91mm x 29mmSG (rampart edge)?
64193.1351aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)184mm x 47mmSG/N3
64493.1361LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)88mm x 14mmSG (below rampart spread)?
62593.1371LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)56mm x 21mmSG/N (intervallum road)?
64893.1378LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)200mm x 38mm17Site II/SW3/4
61193.1379LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)202mm x 78mm8Site II/SW3/4
614a93.1408bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)40mm x 29mm9Site II/W4?
66893.1409LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)100mm x 38mmSite II/W4?
63793.1422LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)49mm x 34mmSG (bonfire site)3
61393.1424LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)92mm x 68mmII4/5
63093.1425a + 93.1426bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)63mm x 22mmSG (bonfire site)3
65493.1434LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)91mm x 44mmSite II/W4
63193.1443LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)86mm x 20mmSG (bonfire site)3
61493.1449LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)91mm x 14mm II4/5
61593.1453LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)95mm x 40mm10SG (bonfire site)3
61993.1454aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)52mm x 22mmSG (bonfire site)3
66993.1460a-bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)164mm x 26mmSG (bonfire site)3
65393.1466aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)82mm x 28mm19SG (bonfire site)3
65893.1471a-bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)34mm x 41mmSG (bonfire site)3
63393.1475aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)33mm x 28mmSG (bonfire site)3
63893.1481LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)32mm x 31mmSG (bonfire site)3
66393.1491LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)180mm x 50mm21SG (bonfire site)3
65193.1496cLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)67mm x 21mmSG (bonfire site)3
62993.1498 + 93.1500LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)204mm x 50mm13SG (bonfire site)3
62293.1503aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)180mm x 44mm11SG (bonfire site)3
61893.1518LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)86mm x 26mmSG (bonfire site)3
65693.1528aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)184mm x 33mm19SG (bonfire site)3
65793.1528bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)93mm x 26mm20SG (bonfire site)3
62193.1537LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)98mm x 41mmSG (bonfire site)3
61693.1543bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)93mm x 35mm10SG (bonfire site)3
62893.1544LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)175mm x 78mm12SG (bonfire site)3
62093.1545aLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)91mm x 20mmSG (bonfire site)3
61793.1548LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)82mm x 35mm11SG (bonfire site)3
63493.1556LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)93mm x 36mmSG (bonfire site)3
62493.1564LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)55mm x 12mmSite II/W3/4
64393.1575LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)182mm x 53mm15LXXVIII/W3?
64294.1578LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)224mm x 58mm15LXXIV/W4?
66494.1584LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)116mm x 28mmLXXIV/W4?
65294.1602LettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)42mm x 62mmLXXIV4
66094.1604bLettersTab.Vindol.III (ref)89mm x 54mm20LXXIV4
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